Welcome to MMM College of Nursing


The student accommodation at MMM college of nursing is a "home away from home”. The stay at campus would certainly provide a wealth of experience by developing qualities such as comradeship and social responsibility. Life on-campus helps the students not only to study but also to socialize with the peers. The students housed in the campus are encouraged to use the playground and all indoor gaming facilities.

Our Aim

• To make the students feel at home
• To provide a friendly, comfortable, well furnished and secure ambiance
• To provide a healthy competitive and diverse cultural learning environment
• To inculcate discipline and to make students more systematic and strategic
• Warden – Students are taken care by enthusiastic, keen, dedicated and motherly wardens.
The hostel provides excellent living rooms, recreation facilities, sanitary facilities and good water supply for 24 hours
• Chappal - Chappal is available for the students to have peaceful prayer.
• Dinning Hall-The dining hall accommodates 60 students at a time & provides South Indian delicious menu.
• Mineral Water Plant - Two plants supply clean mineral water to students
• Power Back-up - Generators with a total capacity of over 1.5 MW, take over during power cuts
• Sports Facilities - for indoor & outdoor games


• Medical facilities - provided by the MMM Hospital, during emergencies
• An independent laundry
• Book Shops are also located closer to the hostels
• TV halls and common reading room

Hostel facilities:


Students to be residential is not compulsory. For residential accommodation, college has tie up with Punjab Associations Working Women’s Hostel which provides dormitory type of accommodation



Television, Indoor and outdoor games are available


Both South and North Indian foods are served

General Instructions To The Hostel Inmates

Admission Procedure to hostel:

1. Shall obtain the application form from the office
2. Filled in application form along with photo copy of payment receipt need to be submitted to the warden.
3. List of visitors and their photo copies, address for contact, telephone number & E-mail ID should be submitted and updated annually or whenever there is a change.

Hostel cleanliness & Decorum:

1. Students will be shuffled among all batches every year to avoid linguistic, religious and other group problems.
2. Students are expected to keep the rooms neat, clean and arranged always. Rooms should be swept daily by the inmates on rotation. Mopping of the rooms will be done by the housekeeping on Saturdays and Sundays when students are in the hostel.
3. Students should prepare name list of each room and should be pasted / hanged in the door. Schedule for cleaning, sweeping and the list of furniture also should be present in the room.
4. No wastes like bottles, biscuit covers, Chips covers , skin of the fruits should be thrown in the windows side.
5. Students are strictly instructed to double cover the used napkins and put it in the dust bin provided for the purpose.
6. No NAPKINS should be discarded in the toilet and flushed which will cause the drainage blockage. Any blockage the whole hostel students will be fined.
7. Washing can be done in the morning hours (or) in the evening before 7pm. NO WASHING IN THE BATHROOMS.
8. Inmates are expected to arrange the book racks, shoe racks neatly and change the news paper regularly.
9. Inmates are expected to sleep in their cot only not in friend’s cot or other rooms.
10. Any complaints / repairs in the hostel need to be reported to warden immediately in written in the complaints register.
11. Save water and electricity. Switch off light, fan etc when not required.
12. Book should be kept in the book rack only.
13. Shoes & chapels should be arranged in the common area only

Hostel Mess:

Timings Theory Block Clinical Block Sunday/Holiday Breakfast 7.00am - 8.00am 6.00am – 6.20am/can pack Upto 8am Lunch 12 Noon – 1pm Packed Lunch Upto 1.30pm Snacks & Tea 4pm – 4.30pm 4pm – 4.30 pm Upto 5-5.45pm Dinner 7pm – 8 pm 7 pm – 8 pm -

2. Not permitted to take food, coffee & snacks to their rooms without the permission of warden (Warden can permit only when the child is sick).
3. Any complaints / suggestions can be written in the food suggestions register.
4. Food should not be wasted at anycost.
5. Day Scholars are allowed to take food from mess only on payment to the mess manager.

6. Any complaints related to food need to be written in the mess complaints register which is with warden.

Spiritual Activities:

1. Permitted to go to church (or) temple on Sundays along with Warden / seniors for 4 hours.
2. Name list need to be prepared with signature of the students which has to be permitted by the Principal / Vice principal on Thursday itself.
3. The permitted letter should be given to warden.
4. The students can get into the vehicle at the gate after signing the Movement register.
5. Strictly follow the Bus timing (6.30 to 11am & 7.30 am – 12Noon)
6. No visitors are allowed to see the students at the church / temple without prior permission from the Principal.
7. Common morning prayer between 8.10am – 8.25am.


• Timing for both incoming and outgoing call will be 2 hours (5 to 7pm) on working days.
• Permitted for full day for outgoing calls on Sundays & Government Holidays between 9am to 7pm but incoming call only for 5 hours (2 – 7pm).
• Duration of the call will be only 3 – 5mts.
• For overseas calls the duration can be 10mts between 7 & 8 pm in the mobile phones only which is available with the Warden (Mobile No: 9841271358 – for Main Hostel), (Mobile No: 7299940615, 16 & 17 – for UCA Hostel) if the calls are on weekly basis.
• Daily call of overseas is not permitted.
• Landline numbers for main hostel – 044- 26535020/ 5045/ 6551/ 6552/ 3777/ 4238/ 4237.
• Only the parents & the authorized local Guardians are permitted to make calls & no friends & relatives are allowed.
• Only one incoming and one outgoing call is allowed per day.


Double calls can be permitted if the lines are formed to be free


• Once in a year shopping in a group to T.Nagar can be permitted on Sundays.
• Any purchase can be completed on Sunday in the morning during the bus timings.

Recreation Facility:

• Can use Indoor and Outdoor game facilities during 4 – 6pm
• Can watch TV between 5.30pm to6.30pm for English news daily.
• Can watch TV between 9am to 10.30pm on Saturdays & 9am to 10pm on Sundays and Government Holidays

Study Hours:

• All the students (Both UCA Hostel & Main Hostel) are expected to be at the college premises between 7pm & 9pm to study with 15mts dinner break during 7pm – 8pm.
• Students are expected to give attendance to class rep at sharp 7pm.
• Permitted to use 3 class rooms only which is in the main entrance and library.
• Internet facility will be available in the library and student can utilize the same on payment Rs.20/- for 1 hour and Rs.10 for minimum usage of ½ an hour.
• Library will function from 9am – 9pm.
• Study hours will be supervised by the wardens.

Visiting Hours:

• Parents and the authorized local guardians can visit the students on Saturdays, Sundays and on government holidays between 2 pm – 6pm. Unauthorized visitors are not permitted.
• Parents who come from very long distance can get prior permission from the Principal or Vice principal for 9am – 6pm visiting hour.
• Students are strictly instructed not to meet & converse with the others visitors.

Stay Out:

• The parents have to send a letter to the Principal seeking permission to take the child to home or to send with local guardian.
• No children will be sent alone.
• If the students are not having the local guardian the parents can authorize any other parent or local guardian.
• The vacation schedule will be provided by the class co-ordinators in advance but subject to change under unavoidable circumstances.


• Any health problems need to be reported to the health rep & through the rep to the warden
• First Aid will be provided by the warden and incase of any problem the wardens will take a child to hospital.
• Transport & hospital expenses should be born by the students.
• In case of any serious health issues in the night vehicle will be arranged from MMM.

Water & Electricity:

• Light should be switched off at 10.30pm on all days and at 11pm during examination period.
• Close the tap when not in use. Consume less water


• Transport facilities are available for going to church & temple on Sundays.

Use of Toilet:

• No dresses should be washed in the toilet.
• Toilet should be flushed properly after use
• No napkin should be put into the toilet

General Instructions:

• Students should never come to office except for payment.
• Students are not allowed to have any private communication / complaints.
• Students should maintain decorum of communication with teaching and non teaching staff members including drivers, attenders etc…
• Students can make an entry of their visit to the office mentioning the purpose of visit and whom they have visited.
• Use of electrical items like heater, Coffee maker & stove is not permitted.
• Poster & stickers should not be pasted in the room walls and cupboards.